TVF-QZ fully automatic liquid and gel filling machine

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TVF-QZ automatic liquid gel filling machine








I. Brief Instruction


This unit is developed on the basis of the new design, and it increases some additional function according to the similar products in the market. Filler has been added with an increase of some additional features. It is more simplified and more convenient for the operation, precision adjustment, filling volume adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance of the products, etc...


This unit adopts pneumatic components to replace electrical control circuit, so it is quite suitable for the use in the request of anti-explosion environment.




II. Model selected


The model of the filling machines which made by SINA EKATO is according to the maximum filling volume of the customer’s request...


Specific models:


TVF-QZ- 50  (10-50ml)
TVF-QZ-100  (15-120ml)
TVF-QZ-250 (60-250ml)
TVF-QZ-500    (120-500ml)
TVF-QZ-1000 (250-1000ml)
TVF-QZ-2500(500-2500 ml)
 TVF-QZ-5000 (1000-5000 ml)




III. Work principle


A. Through the cylinder's movement of forward and backward to make the piston which is located in the cylinder do reciprocating movement, so as to occur the negative pressure in the preceding chest of the cylinder.


B. The piston is pulled backward when the cylinder make forward movement, the material cylinder occurred negative pressure, the materials in the barrel are pressed into the feeding pipe by pressure and go into the material pipe through unidirectional valve of feeding and discharging materials.


C. The piston is driven forward when the cylinder make backward movement, the materials are pressed and go into discharging pipe through unidirectional valve of discharging materials, finally filled into the empty bottle which need to be filled, then one time filling finished.


D. It is a single and simple action to each time of filling for the piston filling machine, so it has very high filling precision and stability to every regular container.


 IV. Feature


A. All adopt compressed air as the control, so they are quite suitable for the use in the request of anti-explosion environment, has high safety.


B. Does not cause the phenomenon of static electricity, the leakage of electricity and no need to connect the ground wire


C. All adopt pneumatic control besides hardware positioning, so they have high filling precision as the precision can be controlled within 0.5%. (With the greatest amount of filling as standards)




V. Check before operation and operation order


All parts of the machine should be checked if they are fine before operation so as to avoid mechanical failure or personal injury accident


Contents of check and operation:


   A. If the preceding handle and back handle are clamping tightly.


B. If the lathe dog is clamped tightly.


C. If the cross clip and filling head are clamping tightly


D. Connected with air pressure source, the air pressure<8kg/cm², machine work pressure: 4 to 5 kg/cm²


E. Turn on the air source switch and confirm the black pipe of filling head’s small cylinder is on the top. (Note: forbid long time working without materials)


VI. Adjustment of filling volume


Adjustment of filling volume is determined by the capacity of the container which the user wants to fill. As the materials are different, the data of the filling volume counter is different. Adjust the filling volume and filling precision to user need by program controlled switch.


Detailed operations are as follows:


A. Adjustment: adjust the adjusting screw of enter pneumatic control switch, turn left or turn right to move the position of adjusting screw, adjust the adjusting screw of exit pneumatic control switch properly, to the satisfied position


   B. Cup or bottle should aim at the filling head, (note: material cylinder must be full otherwise the filling volume is not accurate) please check if filling volume of the cup or bottle is accurate or use electronic scale to weigh if the filling volume is accurate


   C. If there is difference please turn on the handle to move the exit pneumatic control switch, move forward, filling volume decrease; move backward, filling volume increase.


   D. Repeatedly adjust the exit pneumatic control switch until to the filling volume and filling precision which the user need.


 VII. Adjustment of filling speed:


Filling speed is determined by the following six factors:


A. Imbibing speed depends on the viscosity of the product and the length of the imbibing pipe.


B. Filling speed depends on the diameter of the filling head, filling speed faster as the diameter is bigger.


C. The degree of foaming products: the filling speed should slow down when filling high foaming products into container


D. Amount of filling volume: the filling speed should slow down when filling much materials into container


E. Filling precision: the filling speed should slow down when filling precision demand is high.


F. Preceding speed control valve used to adjust filling speed. Backward speed control valve used to adjust filling interval time.




Detailed operations of adjust Preceding speed control valve & Backward speed control valve are as follows:


1. Loosen the screw of Preceding speed control valve & backward speedcontrol valve


2. Clockwise rotate preceding unidirectional throttle handle, cylinder circulate speed slow down, filling speed slow down.


3. Counterclockwise rotate preceding unidirectional throttle handle, cylinder circulate speed up, filling speed up


4. Clockwise rotate backward unidirectional throttle handle, cylinder circulate speed slow down, filling speed slow down.


5. Counterclockwise rotate backward unidirectional throttle handle, cylinder circulates speed up, filling speed up.


VIII. Adjustment of filling precision


A. Adjustment of filling precision is mainly determined by filling volume; filling speed; switch on and off speed of up or down unidirectional valve.


B. Adjustment of switch on and off speed of up or down unidirectional valve is determined by the viscosity of the products.The greater the viscosity, the slower the speed of the valve switch


C. Adjust the switch speed of the valve is mainly determined by adjust spring pressure of the valve, valve switch speed up as the spring pressure increase.


D. Adjust spring pressure of the valve should get across the filling measurement and operation experience of workers to determine  


IX. Cleaning and maintenance


Before the cleaning of the filling machine, the superfluous materials in the machine should be cleaned completely and put soft cleaning fluid in the material barrel. Warm water is suggested, soap water also can be used. So do alcohol and other type of cleaning fluid if necessary. When in cleaning, O type ring should be confirmed installed well. Switch on the machine, let it begin cycle filling until all the parts which contact materials, such as piston cylinder, piston head are cleaned thoroughly the machine begin cycle filling as the machine is switched on until all the parts which connect the materials, such as piston cylinder, Piston head O type ring, filling head, unidirectional valve, material passage, Hopper, etc. when cleaning the seal rings it should including O type ring of the piston, plane seal ring of the valve, besides the broken and damaged seal ring should be replaced.






The compressed air must be confirmed turned off.


       It is Forbidden to use the organic solvent to wash machine, such as gasoline, benzene, xylene, bananas water, sodium hypochlorite, etc..


       After all the parts are cleaned thoroughly, they are suggested to be installed when they are dry besides there’s no water and impurities in the air compressing pipe and connecting parts.




X. Solutions to the Failure






Piston can’t make forward and backward movement

A. check if the air compressor is switched on

B. check if the air compressor valve is switched on

C. Check if the air source switch is open, switch on the air control security valve

D. Check if the air pressure reach 4-5kg/cm²

E. Check if the unidirectional valve installed in the right position

F. Check if the piston head, O type ring are viscous the piston is blocked

G. Check if the air control switches on the top of the cylinder are damaged

Filling precision is not accurate

A. The speed should keep slowly as filling high viscosity products, besides all the parts should be confirmed sealing so that avoid leakage

B. Check if there are sufficient materials in the hopper or the barrel which provide materials.

C. Check if the material cylinder is loosened, the program control switch is loosened.

Materials overflows the material cylinder

A. Check and replace the piston head and o type ring

B. Please use two O type rings as the materials are dilute, and only use two O type rings if necessary

can’t suck up materials

A. Check if the valves are installed in the right position. bind tightly.

B. Check if the feeding pipe is installed in the right position. bind tightly

C. Confirm suck up material pipe doesn’t connect the bottom of the barrel

Materials overflow the mouth of the container

A. check if the program control switch is damaged or shift


B. Check if the filling head aim at the mouth of the container

C. Check if the adjustment of the cylinder’s throttle is suitable, incorrect adjustment will lead to the discharging material speed fast.




XI. Applicable scope of filling materials


      water       honey sugar         acid cheese


     fruit juice     shower             gear oil


     liquid coffee   ink                eye shadow fluid


     tea           shampoo           glue


     food/paint     washing hand fluid   cream


     milk         liquid soap         butter


     syrup         plant oil